Forklift Safety part 3

nozzles and hoses should be securing free of any weeks you can then perceived turned its head on would not take her to stop it before face the vehicle and use a three-point states they’re both hands and one foot in contact with the unit after bombing the vehicle voice fasten the seat belt and ensure the seat belt is in good condition an operation applied the brakes start the forklift. the left mechanism should operate smoothly when raising the forks than lowering the completely next test the told mechanism and then checked the side to side mechanism to ensure is operating properly.

activate the horn and make sure it’s working and laugh don’t work environment released the emergency handbrake and apply your foot to the brake pedal who insured holds and smoothly stops the forklift.

checkpoint lights are operational and confirmed the rear lights for operational as well the steering should operate smoothly and be in good working order look at the rear tires to ensure they are moving smoothly while you steer. general before quickly return for their stories before moving then proceed forward to check for any fluid leaks Dave sponsor crisp under the equipment operated a speed under pol travel conditions dole permit the forklift

truck could be brought to a stop in a safe manner slowdown for weapons slippery floors the operator should slow down and some of warn across aisles and other locations were vision is obstructed look at the direction of travel and keep a clear view of the past travel with a low trailing if the load being carried obstructs for review on all grades ascend and descend slowly people local raised and tilted back raised the forks only as far as necessary to clear the roads surface approximately four inches’ great support and five percent always try for the loaded forklift.

 up or down with the load appeal always strive and unloaded forklift

up or down with the forks downhill properly secured Brockport or bridge plates before they are driven over supporter bricks plates should be driven over carefully and slowly and the rated capacity never exceeded never allow persons to stand or past under an elevated portion of the forklift whether loaded or empty the operator should not allow any person to ride on forklift.

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Trucks except the operator once you have completed operation flew lower the forks place before Clifton neutral some of the power set the emergency brake to prevent movement thrown off the propane and block we will skip a forklift.

this park on an incline soap back to just be about air make sure that you understand the proper functions of the peace of acquitted it’s going to be working with and that the people around you know that function as well that’s how we stay safe here it easy. so until next time stayed focused and keep it safe

forklift safety part 2

Welcome interpreted by groups like the spirits we are going to talk about forklift

how four course impact her life while we’re at work hopefully you learn something to keep you safe before you start to work day you want to make sure that the area they’re going tube working and it’s clean and that the equipment there, truly working with is ready to function the way that you want to work now to do that you want to make a visual check now closure says but you don’t have to do a written check off sheet each and every time that you use the piece of equipment however before starting a new work process you want to do a curse free checking what that means is basically walk around the piece of equipment and make sure that things are operating correctly we’re going to do that right now and show you how to do it and inspection identifies potential hazards that may be encountered from damaged forklift

And should be performed at least daily if at any time a forklift  is found to be need of repair defective board anyway unsafe remove it from service until it has been restored to save operating conditions checked tires for excessive. earsplitting organizing fire material if you have dramatic hires check for proper pressured indicated on the outside of the firebox need to be aware of the facts and passivity operation and the locations of all maintenance instruction plates export decals modifications and additions which affect the Pasadena and safe operation are prohibited forks should be equally spaced and free from France walking hands on the foreperson should be properly secured.

Forklift Repair Mesquite professor for transporting opposition while in operation inspect the mass for broken or franc twelve points than any other obviously image check each hydraulic line and fittings for excessive where or printing look for damage or leaking fluid on the left until cylinders insurable rolling tracks. for more info visit here or Greece and exchanged are free to travel the propane tanks should be inspected for cracks broken Well Point spent other damage all valves.

How to Use Forklift Safely PART 1

Is intended to guide you through all the necessary fundamentals and driving your forklift

Forklift Parts Fort Worth competently and safely it is divided into five sections one for with safety checks to operating procedures  shut down in parking refueling and recharging using attachments please note that no matter which book with model your operating it is important to also read and fully understand the operators manual before driving once we trust you will find this video useful it is not intended to replace any written material big boobs up your first job is to make a series of checks these are all important for operational and safety raisins and should be undertaken on a daily basis before you start any work firstly you’ll need to check that the fluid levels are correct for the engine oil hydraulic oil and engine coolant for I’m before with brands you also need to check the levels of transmission oil brake fluid and power steering fluid then check the belts and hoses both attention and for any water or oil lakes insuring the starter battery terminals acclaim that the water level is topped up if the truck is fitted with LPG checked all connections a tight that there are no lakes the cylinder is not have died and that the forklift parts for sale.

is fitted within LPG compliance plight the next steps to make a number of visual checks Jekyll tires for damage in where remove in plastic around the wheels can you see any damage cracks or signs up oil leaks on the mast assembly to the lift and tilt systems look okay are there any signs of leaks or damage to the chains or houses is the load got in carriage securely attached with nosing of damage other foregone stride and evenly spaced with no cracks or signs of excessive wear other pins and locking devices secure to prevent the Fox when sliding is the driver’s seat and seat belt securely fitted and in good condition other control decals properly fitted and clearly visible is the overhead God secure other mirrors and windscreens properly adjusted and cleans the load plate attached unreadable up when you into the cabin do so from the left side do not hold the steering wheel for balance adjust your seat for comfort and correctly fasten your seatbelt if you’re using an electric forklift.

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Check that the emergency isolator is operational just before you start the engine make sure the park brake is on and the forklift.

using neutral gear before you drive check that all the lights and gauges a functioning correctly also check the horn in the reverse paper before you set off make sure the immediate carrier is clear it’s also good idea to check the ground for any oil low fluid stein’s after you’ve moved off drive forward and even reverse to make sure the breaks a functioning properly checked the steering from lock to lock and be aware of any odd noises or unusual vibrations finally check all the hydraulic functions copyright the lift to the maximum then lower again all the while checking the hoses and James operate the tool forwards and to the rear newt the side shift left and right to fix dead agape for lakes and smooth operation if you do find a fault part the forklift.

Remove the key and play said do not use tag where it is clearly visible then report the faulty or supervisory immediately so that a technician can be called you can only make minor repairs to forklift.

If you are a qualified person and have been authorized by your employer to do so way up now that you’re confident your forklift.

is in good working order you must also check for hazards around you other in power lines or overhead service lines that might be hazardous to you in low clearance doorways other roller doors fully open is the floor surface you working on for the bombs holes or soft areas other in surrounding buildings in close proximity check road bridges behind clearances and all what restrictions the railway lines or any other unusual obstructions within your workplace do you know where the walkways are for those on foot Mike certain you use the correct forklift.

and attachments to complete the job at hand for example if there is any dangerous material around to you have the correct equipment to move it around remove any hazards such as strain plastic pallet boards chords cleanup in spills that Michael slippage tell your coworkers if you will be operating near them make sure they’re aware of your operation and if necessary place barriers around them and finally check the US suitably closed would safety boots and personal protective equipment where required safety vest is also recommended up before you move of check all around the forklift.

thank you white to other traffic make sure you always keep a safe distance approximately three vehicle lengths from other vehicles and maintain a safe speed suitable to the conditions you working in in general road rules apply with operating a forklift.

so keep left in the aisles use the Hornet all blind corners and keep the flashing light on it all times always looking in the direction of travel and when weaver Singh make sure you look over both shoulders to check the carrier is clear always keep all parts of your body with in the cabin when traveling remember that the rear ended the forklift.

can travel up to three and a half times faster than the front when turning this can create a hazard particularly for pedestrians when driving from outside to win or vice versa alone with few seconds for your eyes to adjust tithe light change slow down through puddles as the surface maybe very slippery if you need to cross railway tracks AB use a red will cross at a  degree angle when traveling on an incline to load should always face uphill to ensure stability of the load and forklift.

drive fords up the hill however if the load obstructs your vision have another person guide yogi you’re not carrying a load reverse up the hill and drive fords down the hill never turn or drive across an incline the forklift.

Might tip over if you load is unbalanced keep the heavy side at the load at the he love the times keep your forklift. to load at least two meters away from distribution power lines and at least  meters away from transmission power lines if you do contact to Powell I’m warn other people to stand clear stay on the forklift.

And have someone turn the power off try and bright contact by reversing the Yandi if you must jump off don’t touch the ground and the forklift  at the same time and of course no passengers %uh ever allowed to be carried it anytime and listen to proceed in food rest is fitted within the confines of the other hit God up when approaching a stack slowly turn and place it square on if you are not square on shut the forklift.

Into you on remember that a forklift  is just like a seesaw the balance points the front wheels so if you lift too much white the truck will become unstable during braking and steering the rear wheels might lift off the grounds ensure you check the lift height load center distribution and safe working load for your model the load center distances measured from the vertical face at the forks to the center of gravity of the load remember the longer the load center distance the less white forklift

can carry check the weight of the load against the writing plight if no whites marked on the load check the consignment night I ask your supervisor will count you like the white by wind one carton and multiplying that by the amount on the palate then add  kilograms for the palate as you approach the palate bring the master vertical to make entry easier rise the Fox to the required level remember to use your part break if you’re on an incline as you enter the load make adjustments to the four-carton avoid scraping the palate runs the load with a slight back till check you have sufficient clearance above the load before reversing look over both shoulders to ensure that the area is clear as you prepare to travel lower the load to just above ground level and below axle hot with enough read tilt to stabilize it.

checked the load is high enough to create any bomb so rises on the floor in reach truck the travel position for the load is just about the lakes with the my last waged back and enough re a tilt to stabilize the load always proceed with caution if your vision is obscured you may need to travel in reverse if that’s the case make sure you look in the direction of travel up approach thus tackle rack with Rhea tilt turn and face the stack and shocked if required bring the master vertical or use light back till if required before rising the load check the capacity and stability of the Rachael stack make sure it’s rated for the load you’re carrying if you’re stacking on top of another load.

firstly insure the bottom stack is stable if you were putting a load onto a rack runs the load to the required height making sure there is enough clearance overhead remember to use the park brake if you’re stacking on an incline drive forwards until the load is squarely over the stack check for clearances you got to lower the loading check for stability settle the load evenly and lock onto the rack look over both shoulders before reversing clear up the rack don’t scrape the loader the rack long with the Fox to the travel position just above ground level again will cover both shoulders before reversing to make sure the road is clear

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